The Elders of Sankofa


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It is that time of year when we celebrate Kwanzaa. This is a time when we are reminded of the principles of Nguzo Saba. December 26 to January 1 compromise the days of Kwanzaa. Each day a different principle is featured.

Join with the Sankofa Council as we discuss Kwanzaa. Our desire is to encourage your celebrations with family and friends. These principles will encourage you to think about our community and how to support one another for our greatness.

Hosts Queen Mother Shabaka will be joined by Sister Ausarta Ankhti and Dr. Janine James and you, our guests. We will discuss why Kwanzaa is important for all.

The Sankofa Council of Milwaukee radio broadcast is an affiliate of the Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

The Elders of Sankofa
The Elders of Sankofa
The Elders of Sankofa
Imani, Walking by Faith with Afrikan-centered lifestyles.

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