1. SSS Video Recording + Slides: Abibitumi Architecture and the Kmtyw (Black People’s) Worldview



In this live streamed presentation, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon did a live walk through of Abibitumi headquarters going into how cosmology informs architectural ideas in classical and contemporary times. Based on original research done in his original article available at the link below, Okunini’s research is transformed into physical institutional infrastructure. You do not want to miss the depth of knowledge and transformational information that will be brought to light as well as an explanation of how this knowledge can be made practical. If you missed this literal once-in-a-lifetime event, view it now as though you were there as we fundraise to RAISE THE ROOF!

Duration: 1 Hour, 20 minutes, 4 seconds

To support this BlackPowerful effort towards the reestablishment of Kmt and the restoration of Ma’at intergenerationally and within our lifetime, visit this link to make your contribution towards our collective efforts: https://www.abibitumi.com/institution

Images and slides are embedded directly into this professionally produced video Including visuals during the walkthrough.

Please read this article to better understand the background for the walkthrough (download available upon purchase)

Kambon, O. B., & Asare, Y. M. (2019). Humanities and Sciences as Complementary Aspects of an Afrikan= Black Whole: Evidence from Archeoastronomy. Legon Journal of the Humanities30(2), 215-242.


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