8. SSS Video Recording + Slides: Integration, Apartheid, and Untouchability



Incorrect diagnoses lead to incorrect “cures” that don’t cure.

eurasians (non-Blacks) have consistently framed the problem of Black people globally in terms of segregation (united snakkkes), apartheid (uMzantsi) and untouchability (India) when the actual problem is THEM as perpetrators of anti-Black genocide.

Indeed, the greater our confusion, the greater their possibilities for survival.

Join Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon as he demonstrates—by means of a tri-continental analysis—the fact that Afrikan=Black people the world over are subject to genocide at the hands of eurasians (non-Blacks) and what we should do about it.

Using the 1948 UN definition of Genocide, we will meticulously and painstakingly show examples of genocide against Black people for each of the 5 criteria in each of the 3 locales selected: the united snakkkes, uMzantsi, and India (un.org 1948).

We find that in each instance, the criteria for genocide are met and/or exceeded.

However, as Black people, we continue to have Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and mohandas karamchand gandhi shoved down our throats as the ones who “saved us” from not being able to not being able to “integrate” with genocidal psychopaths.

This study is significant as a manifestation of clarity of vision as a prerequisite to conceptualizing Afrikan=Black solutions to Afrikan=Black problems.

For it is only through correct diagnosis that we can conceptualize, develop, and implement cures that actually cure what ails us.


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