Nana Marcus Garvey, Authentic Pan-Afrikanism and Afrikan=Black Identity



ABSTRACT: Nana Marcus Garvey set the gold standard for Afrikan=Black liberation organizing. This presentation goes into his accomplishments and the need for his conceptual clarity on who an Afrikan is and is not. This is a crucial issue today as here on the continent, there is a concerted attempt to hijack authentic Pan-Afrikanism and to replace it with anti-Black continentalism, which disenfranchises some Black people while enfranchising the arab enemies of Black people solely on the basis of location. Such an unprecedented stand has led to Haiti being blocked from full membership in the African Union while Morocco, where indigenous Afrikan=Black people are still enslaved, being incorporated. In this presentation, Dr. Kambon argues that we must return to the conceptual clarity of Nana Marcus Garvey in terms of who we are and who our enemies are.


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