The Elders of Sankofa

“Welcoming our Legacies”

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We will all become ancestors at the designated time but there is much that we must do to prepare for our legacies. Retirement is not an option. We have been entrusted with our legacies to create for them an opportunity to grow, learn, and be an asset. The journey of our legacies begins with our preparing for them. The journey begins before we have met them. We must love and cherish them before we meet in person.

Join the Sankofa Council of Milwaukee and their hosts Dr. Janine James and Sister Dee Dee Conley as they welcome guests Dalvery Blackwell, co-founder of the African American Breastfeeding Network, and Kay”la Mumford, Executive Director and Founder of Birth Embrace Communities who will share with us how we can prepare for our legacies.

The Sankofa Council of Milwaukee radio broadcast is an affiliate 0f the Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

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