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Our children are living the best of times and the worst of times. There are greater opportunities for them to live their best lives. This is a time that more of them are involved in poor decision-making. Despite observing red flags of problem behavior, we do not know what to do about it. Unfortunately, we trusted the schools and the doctors to help us readjust these behaviors. Our children lack compassion, reason, or moral decision-making. They are tragically committing heinous acts upon others and they risk losing as well their lives in the commission of such acts. They are our legacies, but we risk losing them forever.

Join the Sankofa Council of Milwaukee, hosts, Brother Horace Kwasi Craft, Brother Charles Kwodjo Robinson, Dr. Janine James, and Sister Dee Dee Conley welcome and learn from our guests, Brother Alfonzo Watkins and Sulaimaan Habeel discuss the red flags and strategies we must pursue our success and survival.

The Sankofa Council of Milwaukee radio broadcast is an affiliate 0f the Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

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